Drumsticks Hugo Danin Hickory

The drumsticks Hugo Danin Hickory were designed by the musician thinking in their students and in some difficulties common to all students in the rudiments of the box. In the particular case, the equality between hands. In order to counteract the normal performance differences among members, these sticks are paired with a difference of 5 grams for the student to work independently and alternately each of these same differences experienced in the rudiments of the box. In the case of the model in Hickory, it becomes heavier and is especially designed for seniors. Drumsticks Hickory wood selected, finished in natural beeswax polished (MISSOM ® eco-friendly) and finishing latex. Matched pairs by weight, with 5 grams of difference between each drumstick. Dimensions: Length – 16,54 inch / Ø diameter – 0,63 inch.


€ 21,75

Drumsticks Hibrid 1

"The drumstick model Hibrid 1 is designed for drummers and modern percussionists. The synthesis his the predominant value. Truly two in one model, with its dual head type Hot Rod. Allows the versatility than expected, building a sound and subtle sexy. Ideal for amazing performances and a palette of color and sound unheard "- Miquel Bernat dixit. Dimensions: Length 16,65 inch / diameter Ø 0,67 inch/ Hot-Rod – 0,31 x 0,26 inch.


€ 24,75

Drumsticks Bruno Pedroso

Wooden drumsticks composed with selected Pau-Santo (Bahia rosewood) and natural finish in beeswax polished application jingles half of the body of the drumstick. Matched pairs by the weight and sound. Bruno Pedroso dixit: "My partnership with MISSOM® allows me to fulfill the drumstick of my dreams. Ergonomics is my election, provided by a drumstick thinner and mostly shorter than most, but maintaining an ideal weight given by the density of rosewood, which also allows me to sound more wooden than usual, being naturally amplified by their characteristics." Dimensions: Length – 14,76 inch / Ø – 0,51 inch.


€ 24,75

Drumsticks Paulo Bandeira

Drumsticks especially for use in drums of jazz. Model in wood Pau-Santo finished with natural bee wax polished (MISSOM ® eco-friendly). Dimensions: Length - 15,63 inch / Ø diameter - 0,53 inch.


€ 24,75

Drumsticks Paulo Bandeira Double-Tom

Drumsticks to drums, especially drums of jazz. Model in wood Pau-Santo finished with natural bee wax polished (MISSOM ® eco-friendly). The model Double-Tom (name proposed by drummer Peter Erskine) is made from the original model Paulo Bandeira. This is an exclusive innovation worldwide, consisting in the application of a small wire brush on the head of the stick. Absolutely to try! Dimensions: length - 397mm / Ø diameter - 13.5 mm.


€ 28,75

Drumsticks Nucha Hickory

Drumsticks with selected hickory wood and head top "Bolero". These sticks were developed thinking in snare drum technique and electronic and acoustic drums, so it is very common its acquisition by young students. The finishing is done with natural bee wax polished (MISSOM ® eco-friendly). Dimensions: Length – 16,14 inch / diameter Ø - 0,59 inch.


€ 11,50

Drumsticks Tocárufar Hickory

Drumsticks designed in partnership with Rui Júnior and the group TocáRufar for use in Portuguese popular drum. These sticks have been designed for long-term performance in drums which skin are quite thick, obtaining more preferably greater surface attack. Thus, it is easier to obtain the fundamental tone of the housing or drum.



Drumsticks Permallets Cristiano Silva

"The MISSOM® PERMALLETS are drumsticks that are presented in a very ergonomic way and are designed for initiation to the snare drum and percussion, helping students to ensure a correct way to catch them. Over time I was feeling a need for something that would help my students to pick up the sticks! Hence arise the sticks MISSOM® PERMALLETS. I think they are great for the beginning percussion" - Cristiano Silva, author of the drumsticks Permallets. Dimensions: Length - 16,14 inch / Ø Diameter: 0,58 inch.


€ 10,75