Drumsticks Sérgio Silva Soul Hickory

Dimensions: length - 411mm / Ø diameter - 15.5 mm.


€ 11,75

Drumsticks Nucha Maple

Drumsticks with selected hard-maple wood with head top "Bolero". These sticks were developed thinking in snare drum technique and drum machine, so it is very common its acquisition by young students. Its termination latex allows a wider range of sounds and effects, allowing the performance of small snippets of multipercussion. The finishing is done with natural bee wax polished (MISSOM ® eco-friendly). Dimensions: Length - 16,14 inch / diameter Ø 0,59 inch.


€ 11,75

Drumsticks Mário Gonçalves

Drumsticks with selected wood Hickory finished in natural wax bee polished (MISSOM® eco-friendly). Termination in latex. Matched pairs by their weight.


€ 13,25

Drumsticks Hélio Morais Hickory

Drumsticks with selected wood Hickory and finish with matt polyurethane varnish. Matched pairs by weight. Dimensions: Length: 16,3 inch / Ø diameter: 0,55 inch.


€ 11,75

Drumsticks Diogo Pereira Blastophilia

These sticks are made of hickory and they stand out for their excellent performance in speed, rebound and volume. The drumstick is longer than usual, has a sharper tip for accurate beating during fast tempo sections, balance is weighted towards the tip for extra power and rebound. Finished with bee wax. The logo is engraved by laser so it won’t fade with sweat or grinding. “I’ve developed my own signature model, the BLASTOPHILIA sticks, mainly destined to the extreme drummer. This collaboration between drummer and artisan began in December of 2010 and during this time by experimenting and focusing on the purpose to help the extreme drummer, the BLASTOPHILIA’s were born” – Diogo Pereira dixit. Dimensions: Lenght - 16.535 in / Diameter - 0.551 in.


€ 11,75

Drumsticks Diogo Moreira

Drumsticks Hickory wood selected with natural finish on polished beeswax (MISSOM® eco-friendly). Carefully matched pairs by their weight and sound.


€ 11,75

Drumsticks Classic 7A Maple

Drumsticks in wood selected Hard-Maple and finish in natural bee wax. Pairs rigorously calibrated and straightened. Dimensions: Length - 15,08 inch / Ø diameter - 0,53 inch.


€ 10,75

Drumsticks Classic 7A Hickory

Hickory drumsticks wood, finished partial polyurethane varnish. The handle finished with beeswax allows better grip and absorbs perspiration. To keep the tone of the wood, the head is not varnished. Dimensions: Length - 15,08 inch / Ø diameter - 0,53 inch


€ 10,50