Adufes Zé Salgueiro



Drumsticks Classic 5A Hickory

Drumsticks in Hickory wood, finished partial with polyurethane varnish. The handle finished with beeswax allows better grip and absorbs transpiration. To keep the tone of the wood, the head is not varnished. Dimensions: Length - 14,76 inch / Ø diameter - 0,56 inch.


€ 10,50

Drumsticks Bruno Pedroso (New Orleans)

Wooden drumsticks composed with selected Pau-Santo (Bahia rosewood) and natural finish in beeswax polished application jingles half of the body of the drumstick. Matched pairs by the weight and sound. Bruno Pedroso dixit: "My partnership with MISSOM® allows me to fulfill the drumstick of my dreams. Ergonomics is my election, provided by a drumstick thinner and mostly shorter than most, but maintaining an ideal weight given by the density of rosewood, which also allows me to sound more wooden than usual, being naturally amplified by their characteristics." Dimensions: Length – 14,76 inch / Ø – 0,51 inch.


€ 28,75

Drumsticks Classic 2B Maple

Wooden drumsticks with selected Hard-Maple and finish in natural bee wax. Pairs rigorously calibrated and straightened. Dimensions: Length - 16,34 inch / diameter Ø - 0,63 inch.


€ 10,50

Drumsticks Carlos Miguel

Drumsticks Hickory wood selected with natural finish with beeswax polished (MISSOM® eco-friendly). Matched pairs by their weight and sound. Carlos Miguel has accompanied artists such as Rui Veloso and Dulce Pontes, Joel Xavier, Jorge Palma, Mafalda Veiga, Paulo de Carvalho, Carlos do Carmo, Sara Tavares, Nuno Guerreiro, Adelaide Ferreira, Carlos Nunez, Kepa Junkero, Chris Alexander and Antonio Palma, among others. Dimensions: Dimensions: length – 16,02 inch / Ø diameter – 0,57 inch.


€ 11,75

Drumsticks Armando Mendes

Drumsticks Hickory wood selected, a darkened orange tone and finished in matt polyurethane varnish. Armando Mendes is a Portuguese drummer known for his participation in the band Diapason, existing since 1980, having already obtained a platinum, a gold and several silver. Dimensions: Length – 16,14 inch / Ø diameter – 0,56 inch.



Drumsticks André Hollanda

Drumsticks designed primarily to meet the needs of Rock drummers. Produced with Hard Maple, of first quality, thus ensuring high durability and resistance to all kinds of requests, either on the rim or in the housing plates. Finished with a natural bee wax, wood maintains its full capacity to absorb perspiration. Balanced pairs. Wooden sticks selected Hard-Maple. Finishing natural beeswax polished (eco-friendly). Matched pairs by weight. Dimensions: Length - 15,94 inch / Ø diameter - Ø 0,61 inch.


€ 11,50