• Peter Erskine

    "As a long-time Vic Firth friend and endorser, I know high-quality drumsticks when I see them. And the drumsticks designed and manufactured by MISSOM are world-class products with unique features for contemporary drummers and percussionists."

  • Pedro Carneiro

    “Miguel and friends MISSOM: Congratulations for the new and stylish website! I am totally dependent of MISSOM (more or less a junkie MISSOM!) and there is no work or device that I play that does not have your touch and ‘stamp’. From this great friend and admirer! Pedro Carneiro.”

  • Paulo Bandeira

    “Hello MISSOM, I'm finally giving you my congratulations for the superior quality of your drumsticks. Of course I’m not only speaking of my model, but for all models already tested. Fantastic construction and excellent quality in the materials used. A big hug and here we are together in this complicity.”

  • Pedro Martins

    "In MISSOM everyone demonstrate passion for what they do, full availability, outstanding professionalism and willingness to serve well with 1st quality materials. For me as Portuguese, is a tremendous pride that I feel when I see good people (humbly) concerned to meet and serve the interests of the musician not looking at any kind of difficulties ... Congratulations to all the MISSOM and all the people who support them."

  • Sérgio Silva

    “Miguel and team: it's a pleasure to be part of your range of users and admirers. Your efforts to comply with all requirements in respect of drumsticks and instruments are wonderful and supportive. Thank you for all this. Hugs.”

  • João Dias

    “Perfection. Rigor. Quality. Innovation... These are some words I have to say about the work of MISSOM and Miguel Ralha (Master André). I just hope that the brand has further projection in the world market than it already is having right now. Continuation of a great job.”

  • Nucha

    "Finally I have my favorite sticks. Congratulations Miguel: It is a pleasure working with you. Sincerely your friend Nucha."

  • Jorge Queijo

    “Great Brand, Great Miguel, with out a doubt the best that is made in drumsticks with much innovation and diversity. A big hug.”

  • Francisco Borges

    "A big hug to all the team and a big thank MISSOM that we got together to do some drumsticks perfect for me and not a single second off. Finally a Portuguese brand that offers us full support, availability and friendliness. Carry on!"

  • Leonel Rodrigues

    "Great material, great people equals big sticks and associated products. A well-to MISSOM there and his mentor Michael Ralha."