Marímbridas Soft

Mallets Marímbridas with cable produced in selected wood-Hard Maple and finished in natural bee wax polished (MISSOM ® eco-friendly). Used by Miquel Bernart. These sticks allow a new approach and experimentation with new timbres and sonorities of getting marimba sounds very different depending on the angle of attack. Used in musical pieces as: Night (2007) - Mauricio Sotelo + Primary Colors (2006) - Charles Augusti + Marímbrida (2009) Polo Vallejo + Through Lines (2009) Dimitri Andrikopoulos + Zoom in Zoom out (2010) Luis Tinoco + Caldo de Bossa (2009/10) Chico Mello. The model Soft (DarkBlue) of these sticks have the following specifications: Cable length: 11,81 inch + Diameter Ø: 0,33 inch beginning to open in the cone 4,53 inch. Inside the head: latex 17/30 + Outside of the head: 65% wool. The hot rod comprises a core rod of 0,18 inch bamboo and bamboo outer eight rods of 0,14 inch.


€ 110,00


The Gamelan is an Indonesian instrument, greatly known for the influence it still has in Indonesian culture. It is not just a musical instrument, but several instruments on the same body (metallophones, xylophones, gongs, among others) that are usually tuned to each other, that comprise one Gamelan. The term refers both to the whole of these instruments as their instrumentalists and it is common that part of an instrument can not be used simultaneously with another set because of the tuning conflict.


€ 48,00

Batentes De Triângulo

This is an innovative product of MISSOM®, in which is applied the rule of versatility between the masses and a vibrant body. In this case, we know that the triangle is a tool for large variations in timbre in the same register, which means that one of the best ways to explore and control is by varying the mass attack, so we may choose which area of the triangle to impact. The Batentes de Triângulo MISSOM® are designed in a conical shape, favoring gradual control, whether dynamic or timbrical, with great ease. Essentially, tapping the tip over, we can easily excite overtones and a more acute attack lighter, unlike what happens if we touch with the wider area, where the fundamental triangle is obtained more easily and become more crescendo effective.


€ 25,00

Drumsticks Ritual Mallet

Drumsticks in Hard Maple recommended by Humberto Monteiro. Total length 15,55 inch. Cable diameter 0,32 inch. Average weight 35/40 gr. Two areas of attack: 1 - (O-ring 0,2x0,98 inch with wooden interior, Diameter 1,22 inch, for use with Timpani, Congas, Bongos, Skins generally vibraphone. Need to attack with good changing dynamics). 2 - (Aro felt Gustav Neumman 0.44, Diameter 1,61 inch, for use with Timpani, Tom-tones, vibrating plates, vibraphone). Permits the ability to tap into sets of timpani mallets and fur 4. Playing with two sticks, gets an extreme lightness in dynamic control.


€ 98,00

Drumsticks Ritual Clava

Drumsticks in Hard Maple recommended by Humberto Monteiro. Total length of 14,76 inch. Average weight: 70/75 grams. With four distinct zones of attack: 1 - O-Ring 0,2x0,98 inch with wooden interior, diameter 1,22 inch. Timpani, Congas, Bongos, Leather in general. Precise attack with good changing dynamics. 2 - Hoop Felt (Gustav Neumman 0.44), diameter 1,61 inch. Timpani, Tom-tones, vibrating plates. 3 – 1,02 inch diameter. Increased wood mass that enhances the sound of idiophones: Wood-blocks, strips of wood or metal, xylophone. 4 – 0,35 inch m diameter. Tip drumsticks snare drum: snare drum, membranophones.


€ 34,00

Drumsticks Cimbalom

These drumsticks for Cimbalom produced by MISSOM® have essentially three models that can be customized. The cable is made of cedar wood selected. The heads may be composed of compressed cotton felt in the rod itself, brass wire of 0.4 mm or natural cow skin, also molded on the rod. The flexibility of the rod is equal for all pairs and can also be customized. Recommended by Manuel Campos and Luigi Gaggero. Dimensions: 0,83 inch diameter grip + a disc of diameter 1,57 inch = total 3,03 inch.


€ 52,00

Drumsticks Pedro Carneiro Arqueta

The Arqueta is a unique and innovative application of MISSOM® created by Pedro Carneiro. Compatible with any quartet sticks, it allows a complete new sound. This is an application of bristles violin bow at the end of a drumstick, thus, enabling apart from the usual percussion, the friction of the blades on dishes or in sets multipercussion. There are three different models (soft, medium and hard), subject to a standard hardness for marimba or vibraphone mallets (Resta - Jay Percussions). This application can be made in any other stick of choice.


€ 52,00