Jean-Geoffroy Wood Handle

Mallets that provide you with greater depth in sound, without forceful strikes, thanks to an increase in weight. Color orange, medium hard. The French percussionist and marimba player, Jean Geoffroy, studied at at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris where he won first prize in percussion in 1985. After his studies Jean Geoffroy was solo timpanist of the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris from 1985 to 2000. As soloist with the contemporary music ensemble Court-Circuit adviser for composer students at IRCAM, he has managed to blaze a personal trail for himself in the percussion world, which led him to create and play many different pieces. This has led him to inspire and play numerous new works, and he has been the dedicatee and first performer of scores for percussion solo by many of today's finest composers. As a soloist Jean Geoffroy is regularly invited to the most prestigious European Festivals.  


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Philippe Spiesser Wood Handle

Special feature: the weight of the mallets is constant, regardless of their hardness. Ability to combine various models, while preserving the same balance. RED medium. Born in 1971 in Strasbourg, Philippe Spiesser studied at the Strasbourg Conservatoire, graduating with a State Diploma and Certificate of Aptitude as a teacher of percussion. He teaches at various musical centres in France and in Spain. He has been invited to appear in festivals throughout the world, including Journées de la Percussion in Paris, Asbury Park in New Jersey, Ars Musica in Brussels, Ritmo Vital in Madrid, and in Beijing, Shanghai, Daquing and elsewhere. It is this dazzling development of his that makes Philippe Spiesser both an ardent teacher and a keen concert artist. Always traveling, and his mind always open, he develops his imagination in contact with numerous surroundings, such as dance, theater, image and electronic sounds. Today, he blossoms wonderfully by managing both his classes and his concerts.


€ 95,00