Log Drum

Unlike what the name implies, the Log drum is a drum, has no skin. It is a tribal idiofone roots, where the blade is impacted (often in the form of tongue) and is coupled to the resonance box. Around the world were found similar instruments, in various formats, making it impossible to decide their origin. In older instruments is common that the instrument is constructed in one piece. In the latest case, the struck zone is commonly designed in denser woods, and resonance boxes of wood lighter, thus helping the role of each, and also enabling greater control of pitch. LOG DRUM MISSOM® is generally parallelepiped in various sizes, depending on the number of notes and pitch desired, up to six blades per box, and can be built individually, note by note.



Cajon Pé

Built of cedar, with a top in birch plywood, this instrument Cajon Pé has a resonance more serious than the Cajon Peruano MISSOM® and was thought to be run through a standard drum pedal drum and can be included in a set multipercussion. The Cajon is an instrument that originated in Peru in the colonial era and was developed by enslaved African cultures. At that time, were seized boxes and drawers to make this instrument, which became the primary rhythmic accompaniment of popular tunes.



Xilofone Circular

The Xilofone Circular is an instrument generally used as a sound effect, not having therefore no specific technical execution. This instrument can be played in different ways: with a stick or even with a small ball inside, causing it to spin and excite all blades in a cyclical fashion. This instrument was designed focused in some desired effects in contemporary repertoire, with his standard model produced with eight blades of selected rosewood and a octagonal sounding board in birch plywood. The instrument is sold with a hard stick and two balls of different hardnesses, one in wood and one in cork. Dimensions: base octagonal eight blades of different dimensions.




The Zaclitracs MISSOM® are composed of fifteen stops produced in different woods and can be built with or without a sounding board. Safe with both hands, one below and one above, it is played by shaking strongly in certain rate so that all the hammers hit the board at the same time and in a regular rhythm and varied. The Zaclitracs are often played together by many players at the same time.




The Trancanholas MISSOM® are produced in various woods such as Hard Maple, Hickory or Ipe (in ascending order in density), with 1,57 inch to 1,97 inch wide and 4,53 inch long. The Trancanholas, also named as Castanets of Amarante - Douro, consists in two symmetrical blades that are used in a way similar to the usual castanets, usually by men dancing in some festivities of Northern Portugal. In this case, the blades allow running with just one hand, leaving the other free. "In Amarante and Lower Douro to Porto, the castanets are of this type: simple tables small and elongated tucked between the index and middle fingers and between this and the ring, so that, shaking hands, they clash up." - Oliveira, Ernesto Veiga, "Popular Musical Instruments Portuguese". Dimensions: 1,77 inch X 4,53 inch.


€ 10,00


Birch plywood box with the possibility of adapting to universal support. The hit point of the instrument is made of Rosewood Baiano. The Temple Blocks MISSOM® have several dimensions from 7,01 inch x 5,79 inch x 2,95 inch and 4,65 inch x 3,86 inch x 2,95 inch.




Birch plywood box with serrated wood Pau-Santo. The box cover loose at the tip allows for various gradations of sound. The laser cut knurling allows each tooth is less than 0.1 mm foregoing, in order to enhance the low-high gradation. Finished with matt polyurethane varnish. Possibility of adaptation to support the universal. Dimensions: Length - 9,06 inch.



Reque-Reque Orquestra

Sounding board in birch plywood. The Reque-Reque Orchestra has serrated cut in maple with laser teeth gradually smaller. This effect allows leverage effect bass - treble. The volume of the sounding board favors an amplification of the lower frequencies, giving the instrument a new dynamic range. Instrument with universal mounting brackets. Dimensions: 6 different sizes / shapes rectangular, pyramidal or hexagonal.